Teen STARSexuality Teaching in the context of Adult Responsibility

  • is a developmental curriculum which utilizes experience of the body’s fertility patterns to discover the values and derive the norms.
  • teaches responsible decision-making and communication skills in the area of sexual behavior.
  • enhances teens’ self-understanding and self-esteem.
  • moves teens from being victims of their hormones to being in control.
  • demands self-discipline – which is counter-cultural.
  • offers methods to reject peer, as well as media pressure.
  • affirms virtues, but is not moralistic.
  • treats sex as a gift to be respected and valued.


  • Classes are offered weekly. Two semesters are necessary to internalize class material and experience and understand cyclic fertility.
  • If classes are coeducational, Units 1-7 in High School, and Units 2-5 in Middle School are taught in gender-separated groups.
  • Can be taught in Health, Family Life or Biology classes, also in Religion classes where appropriate. Youth group settings allow for flexible scheduling.
  • Emphasis on primary prevention especially in 7th to 10th grades.
  • Teen STAR has demonstrated the ability to undergird virginity as well as a return to chastity.
  • Helps young women to understand themselves;
  • Helps young men to gain self-mastery.
    Available in English, Spanish, Polish, Slovak, French, Lithuanian, Romanian, Croatian, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Malgassy, Italian, Korean.

Educational Objectives

  • TO RECOGNIZE the physiological signs of male & female fertility
  • TO ENABLE young people to understand emotional changes in the cycle and the feelings these changes generate.
  • TO KNOW how to use the curriculum to facilitate cognitive and experiential learning as logical stimuli in surfacing values involved…
  • TO HELP students learn to value the freedom and choice which are the true basis of decision making in love and love making.
  • TO WIN the enlightened cooperation of parents, balancing their involvement with their own child’s developmental needs.

To teach Teen STAR teachers need to:

  1. “buy into” the values of the program integrally – teens sense and reject inauthenticity
  2. complete initial training workshop and one-year practicum


  • 30 hours in 4 or 5-day format
    • 25 face to face
    • 5 online (video conferences/webinars/etc.)

Costs (U.S.)

  • Processing and registration: $25.00 non-refundable, due 3 weeks before the workshop to receive pretest.
  • Individual tuition and syllabus: $400.00
  • Housing and Meals not included.
  • Group rates: $4200 (Includes up to 10 participants)
    • Beyond 15 – $300 per extra person in the group.
    • Beyond 30 – $150 per extra person in the group.
  • Some scholarships are available.
  • Site supervision: individually negotiated.
  • Enrollment: 10 minimum
  • We reserve the right to cancel a workshop and refund the processing fee.
  • Continuing Education Credits available.