The Teen Star program uses proven techniques to teach chastity to adolescents.

The Teen STAR program . . .

  • Is a unique program for education in human sexuality. 
  • Engages the experience of the woman’s fertility sign centrally in the learning experience  to integrate it with the emotional (affective) intellectual, relational  and spiritual aspects of human sexuality. 
  • Includes developmentally appropriate curricula designed for  early, middle and late adolescence.

Results to date

In 2014, virginity was maintained by 97-99% of participants. 40-50% of previously sexually active females and 30-50% of previously sexually active males discontinued sexual activity.

Curricula *

Primary and secondary prevention of teen pregnancy and STD’s by the most effective and least expensive method – maintenance of, or facilitating a return to, abstinent behavior.

Developmentally appropriate for:

  1. Junior high: ages 13-14 (two semesters) **
  2. High school: ages 14-15 (two semesters) **
  3. College: Holistic Sexuality (a one semester college-level program, single sex or mixed)
  4. Teen Parent Programs (secondary prevention)

* Specific religious objectives may be added at the discretion of the site provider.
** Anatomy and physiology taught separately to males and females

Teachers must be trained to deliver the developmental, self-discovery programs.

1. Parental permission is an entry requirement for all minors.
2. Voluntary participation

1. Class Work
2. Individual interviews
3. Monitoring of behavioral outcomes by anonymous questionnaires

Read more: Undergirding Abstinence Within a Sexuality Education Program (Oct. 2001; corr. 2004)